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Ankle bracelet with shell and sleeve


Silgo's ankle bracelets have shells and cigars: a piece of sunshine

It contains a variety of colors and white shells, which enhance the advantages of your Mermaid biscuit, but also add sunshine to your clothes. It's a dream, isn't it?
Adjustable, its solid rope fits your bronze ankle!
Because jewelry kids love to make you happy, Seago ankle bracelets come in a variety of colors.

Finish what you look like With usMini CreoleNecklaceandBraceletoursSiago !

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Holidays, farniente and salty skin...

This is what this precious jewel evokes. Inspired by the idyllic beaches of Siargao in the Philippines, this ankle bracelet has many seductive assets!

Finesse and authenticity made in France

Authentic designer jewel, the ankle bracelet SIARGAO has not finished surprising you. To ensure a flawless quality, and the finesse of its details, this bracelet is handmade in our workshop in the ninth arrondissement of Paris.

The Môme Bijou to serve you.

Whether you want to vibrate to the sound of summer, or add an exotic touch to your wardrobe,
the ankle bracelet SIARGAO in shells and sequins is made for you!

Pearls and medals must be cleaned with a soft linen.
Keep them away from corrosive products: detergents, acetone, perfume...

The cords are made of polyester and do not effiloch.
To keep the colors as bright as new, wash them with a soft soap.

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