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18k gold Collection : customizable gold jewelry

Express your uniqueness through the 18K gold collection !
With their customizable medals, each of these designer jewelry is a must-have for every dressing room.

18K gold Collection: an ode to the singularity of each

It's our differences that make us extra ! And that, the Bijou kid got it right.
It is therefore to the singularity of each that she paid tribute by composing this 18 carat gold collection.
Playing with luxurious materials to highlight the beauty of the unique living in each,
these precious adornments call on your inventiveness to exist.
With this chic and playful collection, take part in the creative process by engraving your personal message,
and enhance your favorite outfits with high-end jewelry that looks just like you !

A set of 18k gold jewelry customizable to wish

Let yourself be tempted by our rings, necklaces and adjustable cord bracelets,
for men and women.
Crafted from 18k gold, all our jewels come with medals to be engraved with the message of your choice.
Zodiac signs or initials of a loved one, lucky numbers or inspirational symbols :
allow your imagination to express itself in the most beautiful way !
A unique jewel to wear proudly or to offer tenderly to those who are dear to you.

Designer adornments

Made in France, these quality works are entirely handmade by La Môme Bijou in the heart of her Parisian workshop.
With their delicate curves, warm and golden colors, and customizable medals,
these adornments carry in them the undeniable charm of designer jewelry.
Sublimate your dressing room with finesse and originality by succumbing to the elegance of made In Paris !