Isabelle Prat:
Creator of jewelry trends for women & men

La Môme Bijou, c’est une marque parisienne 100% handmade ! Behind these fancy and impertinent jewelry is Isabelle Prat, a sparkling artist, passionate about her work as a goldsmith. After training in a Paris jewelry school, she puts her creative power and know-how into the service of prestigious French sewing houses for over 20 years. In 2006, she embarked on a thrilling adventure by bringing her first jewelry collections to the world.

Because what she loves above all is surprising by her originality and renewing herself, each of her collections tells, with a hell of a dose of good mood, a unique story from her fabulous and assertive universe.

Remarked for its quality, joyful and off-the-clock designs, it will be quickly spotted by Colette and sold for over 10 (until it closed) in this famous concept store on Saint-Honoré Street. Today its jewelry is found in various luxury areas, including a Parisian department store, Le Bon Marché, and on the website of La Môme.

Isabelle’s creations come to life in a fascinating world. It is from the top of her eighth-story nest shop, with an impregnable view of the Sacred Heart and Birds, that she makes, thanks to her overflowing imagination, fanciful collections full of pep’s. Rebels and joyous, his creations are inspired by Isabelle’s unique style: the Lulu, alliance of the lu(x) and the lu(dique). Silver jewelry or gold-plated jewelry, soap-bubble necklaces or shell-shell bracelet and sharks... Happyly delight the pop and high color keys of the collections of this Parisian kid. Designed for all free spirits that are not cold in their eyes!