Jeweler Isabelle Prat (La Môme Bijou) and hatmaker Anthony Peto combine their talents to create a couture piece , faithful to the traditions of Parisian craftsmanship.

The meeting between the two creators was motivated by Isabelle Prat's desire to reconnect with her know-how as a model maker , in order to create a unique piece , at the intersection between the know-how of each, and bringing a touch fun at Easter celebrations . The use of feathers was obvious, and the opportunity for La Môme Bijou to rework its “Dans ma Bulle” collection by creating a downy nest for its delicate iridescent bubbles. Imagined as a nod from Isabelle to Claudine, a chicken adopted when she was a child, Chick Is The New Chic also echoes her CUI-CUI collection with its loving chicks and luxury chickens .


It is in the 2nd arrondissement , in Anthony Peto's workshop , that this original piece was created. More than 10 steps were necessary to create it, the feathers being meticulously sewn one by one , by hand, in the purest tradition of feather workshops . The bell shape was chosen by Isabelle Prat, in a nod to Easter bells. Once the base of the hat was designed, from her workshop in the 9th arrondissement , Isabelle Prat sculpted a small metal chick to integrate it into the feather structure.

It was from a sheet of raw tin that Isabelle cut, saw, flattened and rounded this raw material in order to make this chick emerge . The entire sculpture was then gilded with 18-carat gold .

The techniques of the two creators are in direct line with Parisian sewing workshops, with ancestral traditional know-how.


Creating prototypes, sculpting metal, shaping materials is Isabelle Prat's passion. After working as a model maker for more than 20 years with the biggest fashion houses on Avenue Montaigne, Isabelle Prat decided in 2006 to develop LA MÔME BIJOU and its universe that was both luxurious and fun. From her bubble on the eighth floor opposite the Sacré-Cœur , she creates and makes her collections , guided by the desire to share her good mood with humor and fantasy. The universe of LA MÔME BIJOU attracts iconic Parisian boutiques - like Colette, which supported and sold the brand for more than 10 years, as well as Le Bon Marché.


Anthony Peto was born in London. He began his career in the English capital as editor-in-chief of an art journal and as a party organizer. It was at the beginning of the 80s, when he moved to France, that his love for the world of hats took shape. He set up his first millinery workshop in the center of Paris, and gathered around him the know-how and skills necessary to ensure high quality, artisanal and innovative production. Its primary objective: to create aesthetic headwear, full of creativity, comfortable and easy to wear. His first collections, dedicated to masculine shapes such as the fedora or the top hat. He subsequently decided to change horizons by taking a more free and expressive direction: feather wigs, hats with graphic cutouts, oversized shapes and new materials, while continuing to offer more traditional forms for life. daily.

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