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bracelet siargao shell

Collection SIARGAO: jewellery in shells and sequins

Do you aspire to distant and paradise horizons?
Discover the collection SIARGAO and with its jewelry in shells and colorful sequins,
pave your jewels outfits with tender summer notes.

Ornaments imprinted with the sun of islands

Somewhere in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, off the Philippines, are the islands of Siargao sheltered by a clear sea.
True paradise on earth drawn by beaches of fine sand, turquoise water and lush nature,
it awakens in each one of us the happiness of distant and sunny lands.

Straight from these mirific evocations, the collection SIARGAO was designed by La Môme Bijou Paris
in the spirit of this enchanting elsewhere where laboured of the place has equal only the sweetness of living.
United in a composition of unique jewels exhaling the azure waves of the end of the world,
the bronzette and the farniente, the collection SIARGAO will make you dream!

Jewelry in shells and sequins in the colours of the rainbow

Set of ornaments impregnated with iodine and sun, soft idleness reigns over these unique and colourful jewels with evocative curves.
Bewitching wrist and ankle bracelets, wonderful necklace and charming creoles are at the rendezvous of this radiant quartet!
Illuminate your suntanned complexion of these genuine articles composed of pearls of nacreous shellfishes and shimmering sequins.
Created in a cyrielle of warm and acidulate shades, these works have the colors of rainbows that make us so much and so vibrate.

Unique artistic creations

Each work in the collection SIARGAO is a unique piece of creator.
Exits straight from the tender and unusual imagination of La Môme Bijou,
they are made entirely by hand in his workshop in the heart of Paris.
Creations of a true goldsmith, these jewels, imprinted with salty spray,
holiday and summer, are proof of their unfailing quality.
Resistant and waterproofs, crack for the unparalleled charm of the treasures of the SIARGAO collection!