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MURANO Collection: jewels with Murano glass beads

Enjoy the MURANO collection!
Made up of jewels with Murano glass beads, these colorful,
tangy treats will enhance your wardrobe with Italian accents.

MURANO Collection: candy-like adornments

At La Môme Bijou, gluttony is far from a nasty flaw!
In the spotlight in the MURANO collection, revel in the creation of the tangy colours of the sweets.
Designed and designed by La Môme Bijou, this collection is made to arouse the appetite of a first glance.
With their sparkling candy look, these incredible Murano pearl jewels are to be chewed!
So we prefer to warn you: it can be difficult to stop once you put your hand in a packet of candy so enticing!

The Venetian notes of jewels with glass beads Murano

Charming necklaces, tangy creoles, delicious adjustable ankle or wrist bracelets...
For this original collection La Môme Bijou has created a set of murano pearl jewelry, with multicolored hues and millefiori decorations!
These delicate little pieces of candy-like blown glass invite you to let your thoughts wander towards this beautiful island of the Venetian lagoon.
Between turquoise water and bright sunshine, dress your ears, your neck and your wrists of the mythical dream of Venice and its region.

Quality Murano glass jewelry

A true goldsmith by trade, La Môme Bijou offers unique and 100% handmade creations with its MURANO collection.
Made in Paris, in his workshop in the ninth arrondissement, these gourmet and sparkling jewels
are a guarantee of excellence made in France, and totally waterproof.
Let you instead spit for our blown glass earrings,
our Murano necklaces or our glass bracelets, we have the adornment for you!