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DANS MA BULLE - season 2

DANS MA BULLE SAISON 2: soap bubble jewelry

With the collection DANS MA BULLE SAISON 2, the soap bubble is adorned with its most charming attire!
Discover jewelry and accessories adorned with unbreakable spheres in pearly and transparent resin,
and add to your wardrobe the playful, tender and quirky chic of La Môme Bijou.

DANS MY BULLE SAISON 2 : the pop and sassy delights of childhood

With the collection DANS MA BULLE, a whole pop and air universe materializes in the form of tender and unusual jewels.
Sometimes evoking the soapy bubbles of toddler games, sometimes that of bubble baths and relaxing,
Sometimes with the appearance of colorful candy, these pretty pearly balls have everything to please!
Be adorned with the enchanting attractions of childhood and surprise those around you with a look that is as breathtaking as it is sassy.

Soap bubble jewelry in iridescent and unbreakable resin

Set of jewels adorned with light and luminous spheres,
freshness and playfulness spring from this affriolous collection.
Enchanting rings, bubble earrings, captivating necklaces and jumpers,
hair accessories and tangy and greedy bracelets: melt for these fascinating works.
Cord, gold-plated or palladium, each frame is styled with delicate little beads
unbreakable resins in the shape of soap bubbles.
Ideal to make your outfits shine with a thousand and one iridescent reflections!

A 100% handmade collection

No, you're not dreaming! These charming bubble adornments from the DANS MA BULLE SAISON 2 collection are all handcrafted.
A renowned goldsmith, La Môme Bijou composed them in Paris, in his studio.
High quality and waterproof, difficult to resist these pieces of designer.
With their whimsical and quirky looks, these attractive jewels have all the assets to make you crack!