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engrave your handwritten message on a necklace


Engrave your personal handwritten message on this necklace and we will send it directly to the person of your choice.

How to :
1/ choose your metal
2/ take a photo (with your smartphone) your handwritten message on white paper using a thin black pen.
3/ upload your file (jpg, pdf or png) using ‘add image’ and ‘upload image’
4/ we will place and engrave your message on the back fo this necklace and send it to the person of your choice.
5/ if you cannot send your handwritten message, you can simply type a message in the TEXT field.
6/ you can also add a symbol, using ‘add image’ and ‘designs.’

Use white paper and thin black pen
Send good a quality photos of your message.
Avoid taking a photo that is dark, too small, blurred, in shadow, or in poor resolution. You should ideally scan your drawing if possible but a good quality photo with your smartphone is good enough.

Beads and medals need to be cleaned with a soft linen. Keep them away from corrosive products (detergents, aceton...)

Strings are made of 100% polyester. To keep the colors as vibrant as new, wash with gentle soap.

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