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Creole with MURANO glass beads (small size)


Murano glass bead hoop earrings: colorful candies to the ears

Indulge in indulgence for this pair of MURANO glass pearl hoop earrings!

Let yourself be tempted by these hoops with Italian accents, available in 7 colors and receive them in less than 5 days.

Small hoops from2 cm with 12 Murano beads (4mm).

Also available in creoles of5 cm with 33 beads.

Fully savor these handmade jewelry with sweet notes!

Complete your look with ourbraceletandnecklaceof ourMURANO collection.

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The Creoles from the MURANO collection will make you salivate! 
Evoking at the same time the charming islands of the Venetian lagoon and the delicious berlingots of the feast days, these jewels are to be chewed.
Let your gluttony guide you and fall for these sweet treats. Made with authentic Murano glass beads, they will adorn your ears with a multitude of small geometric shapes, light and harmonious. A real pungent and tangy happiness to wear both to stroll and to shine in society!

An enchanting jewel with many resources 
At La Môme Bijou we adapt to your preferences. That's why our beautiful MURANO creoles are available in multiple colors. For this reason too, these little jewels exist in sizes 2 and 7 centimeters.
With 11 and 43 Murano glass beads respectively, select the colorful model that makes you sparkle!
100% made in France, hand-crafted by an outstanding designer at the heart of our Parisian workshop, the quality of our earrings is certified to you.

La Môme Bijou with care 
La Môme Bijou selects the materials that make up its jewels with the greatest care. To avoid the risk of allergies and thus please all ears, the frames of our MURANO creoles are gold-plated. And because we understand your eagerness to receive these little beauties, we deliver you to your home within a maximum of 5 days. So why hesitate?

Pearls and medals must be cleaned with a soft linen.
Keep them away from corrosive products: detergents, acetone, perfume...

The cords are made of polyester and do not effiloch.
To keep the colors as bright as new, wash them with a soft soap.

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Véronique Baralon
Petites créoles Murano

En parfaite harmonie avec ma bague!

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