18k gold necklace with 4 customizable medals

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18k gold necklace with 4 medals: an ode to oneself

Designed to allow you to express your personal message, the necklace from the 18K gold collection is a real asset to add to your wardrobe 
Mixing elegance and inventiveness, this necklace with precious yellow metal is the assembly of a fine chain of 42 cm, and 1 to 4 medallions of 6.5 mm each.
A true ode to yourself, revel in your creative power by letting yourself be inspired by this enchanting necklace.

The personal touch of your daily life

Enhance your outfits by adorning your cleavage with a personal touch.
Astrological sign, lucky number, symbol or mantra favorite: choose, among all these possibilities, the one that will make you radiate pleasure, and have it engraved on the medals of the necklace.
Wear what inspires you proudly every day

Customizing your 18k gold necklace withmedal

In order to customize your necklace, 3 small steps are required :
1. In the menu «
 IMAGE », select « ENLARGED »
2. Write the desired letters and / or Numbers in the spaces «
 Letter 1 », "Letter 2 »,"Letter 3" and"Letter 4 »and choose your font.

3. Click on «
 Add Image "and choose from the symbols or signs of the zodiac (making sure to position the image on the medal and give it the dimension that suits you).

The good surprises of the little jewel

Concerned about the quality of our jewelry, all our creations are handmade in our workshop in the beautiful city of Paris. And because we can't wait to please you, we deliver within 3 days !

This necklace is also available with 1, 2, or 3 medal.

Complete your look with a bracelet or ring from our 18K gold Collection.

All our jewelry is 100% waterproof and handmade in paris by The Bijou Kid

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