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Bracelet with shells and sequins


Adjustable BraceletFrom collectionSIARGAO in natural shells and sequins: the sweetness of living!

Made in France, designed and realized in our Parisian workshop, the SIARGAO bracelet is fully manufactured
By hand in order to guarantee you a quality in any event.

Available in different colors, choose from those that make you vibrate, dance and sing: Rose, orange, yellow, turquoise, green, blue and black.
It is a rich and detonating palette that offers to you, evoking those of an acidulous rainbow.

Make fun by completing your look with theAnkle bracelets, theNecklacesAnd theMini creolesOf the same collection.

Delivered to your home in less than 5 days.

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A unique piece of jewelry is handmade for the joy of the eyes.

Inspired by the blue waves and white sand beaches of the Philippines, the siargo bracelet is a delicate combination of shells and colors.

From ocean to travel, bronzes and relaxation, this piece of jewelry has a real free smell!
With its strength and adjustable rope, it fits your wrist perfectly.

Show the joy and tenderness of life, and Silko's bracelet will convince you in a short time!

Use the unique jewelry created by jewelry kids to resonate with the sun and escape.

Rose, orange, yellow, turquoise, blue and black: This is a rich and eye-catching palette that mentions acidified rainbows.

Please complement your appearance with your appearance.Ankle Braceletdialog boxNecklaceandMini CreoleThe same collection allows you to travel to remote salty areas where the weather is fine.

WorkshopJewelry babyAt your service!


Pearls and medals must be cleaned with a soft linen.
Keep them away from corrosive products: detergents, acetone, perfume...

The cords are made of polyester and do not effiloch.
To keep the colors as bright as new, wash them with a soft soap.

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