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A bracelet for all WONDER WOMAN and all SUPERMAN


To our amazing nurses who work hard and tirelessly to save lives every day.

To our brave cashiers in the supermarkets.

You are all super heroes and the same jewel wanted to pay tribute to you by making this bracelet synonymous with courage and unity.

For the sale of each bracelet, 15.00 euros will be donated to theEmergency fund to support the AP-HP teams in the face of the covid-19 coronavirus

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Médaille en plaqué or 3 microns ou argent 925

Taille : 1,5cm - Épaisseur : 0,5mm 

Bracelet ajustable en cordon lavable. 


Livré à votre domicile en 3 jours 


Tous nos bracelets sont 100% waterproof et faits main à paris par La Môme Bijou

Pearls and medals must be cleaned with a soft linen.
Keep them away from corrosive products: detergents, acetone, perfume...

The cords are made of polyester and do not effiloch.
To keep the colors as bright as new, wash them with a soft soap.

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