customizable bracelet with three medals

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Customizable bracelet with three medals
mounted on a braided cord bracelet.

Personalize your bracelet as you see fit with these medals on which you can engrave a different first name on each medal or a message divided into 3.

Round medal: 10mm
Oval medal: 10mm x 7mm
Rectangular medal: 12mm x 6.6mm

Adjustable bracelet.


1 / Choose the color of the bracelet, the metal of your medal and the size of your wrist.

2 / Enter your text on each of the medals using the corresponding fields.

3 / You can also engrave a symbol or a sign of the zodiac by clicking on "Add an image". Then position the chosen image on the medal of your choice.

3 / Enjoy your personalized bracelet!

Delivered to your home in 3 days.

All our bracelets are 100% waterproof and handmade in Paris by La Môme Bijou

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