18 carat gold bracelet with a medal

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GOLD bracelet 18 CARATS with a medal: a jewel that matches you

At the same time chic and precious, the 18 CARATS GOLD bracelet has been specially designed to let your delicious thoughts express themselves. Composed of a delicate chain and customizable medals (1 to 5 to choose), the jewel agrees that there is unique and deep in yourself.
A Message Close to Your Heart
 ? Say it with poetry by having it engraved on a surface of gold.

A unique and striking bracelet

Make your personality resonate with this unique jewel. Designed in Paris in the workshop of La Môme Bijou, the GOLD 18 CARATS bracelet has not finished surprising you ! Choose the desired number of medals and customize them. Alphabetical or digital characters, drawings or signs of the zodiac, let yourself be guided by the symbolic that makes you vibrate and engrave it on your bracelet.

How to customize your GOLD bracelet 18 CARATS 

1. Choose the length of the chain 
2. Enter the letters (1 or 2) you wish to see on your medal, and specify the type of policy ;
3. Choose from the zodiacal symbols or signs by clicking "
 Colourful Add ». You will then have to define the size of the engraving and place it on the medallion.
Your comfort above all else

Because we make a point of guaranteeing the quality of our bracelets, they are handmade in a noble and resistant material: 18k gold. They are therefore 100% waterproof 
You crack for this jewel with undeniable charm
 ? It will be delivered to you within 3 days.
To offer or to offer, just for the pleasure.

All our bracelets are handmade by betting La Môme Bijou

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