Personalized bracelet with two gold medals

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How to customize your bracelet:

1/ Choose the color of your bracelet.
2/ You can choose to engrave a word, letter, symbol or zodiac sign on each medal: 
Type your letter or word (8 characters max) in the LEFT and RIGHT fields.
3/ Choose a zodiac symbol or sign using "add an image." 
(you must place your zodiac symbol or sign on the medal of your choice) See examples below
4/ Enjoy your custom bracelet!

Gold-plated medals 3 microns: 11mm x 7mm
Adjustable bracelet 

This bracelet also exists with medals silver 925 And gold-plated.

Delivered to your home in less than 5 days.

All our bracelets are 100% waterproof and handmade in Paris byLa Môme Bijou

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