customizable cord bracelet with an 18-carat gold medal

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Customizable cord bracelet with an 18K GOLD medal: you are the creator!

Modern and original, this delicate jewel can be personalized at will according to your sweet fantasy.
What to compose a unique bracelet from your beautiful imagination.

Personalize your precious bracelet by having your medal engraved in 18k gold.
Choose from several choices, discreet, personal and meaningful:
a number?, a letter?, a zodiac sign? or rather a symbol? (heart, cross, infinity, yin-yang, diamond, eye, ampersand)

Enough to compose a truly unique bracelet that looks like you!

Washable polyester adjustable bracelet - 18 karat gold medal of 65mm.


1. Select the color of the cord from among our 8 proposals.
2. If you choose letters or a number, enter them in the field provided (2 maximum).
3. If you prefer to engrave a zodiac sign or a symbol, click on "Add an image",
select the one that suits you, resize it and position it on the medal.
4. Don't forget to indicate your wrist size!

- To guarantee the quality of our creations, they are all handmade in our Parisian workshop.
- No need to take your bracelet off in the shower: we have designed it to be completely waterproof.
- Can't wait to receive your precious order? It will be delivered within 3 days to your mailbox. And with us, the shipping costs are always free

This bracelet is also available with an 18K gold chain, and with  234or5medals medals.What give free rein to your imagination!

Complete your look with a necklace or ring from the same collection.

All our bracelets are 100% waterproof and handmade in Paris by La Môme Bijou.
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