18 carat gold ring with a medal

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GOLD 18 CARATS ring with medal: shine to the end fingers

Fine and golden, the GOLD 18 CARATS collection ring has been designed to reveal the grace of your hands, while adding a unique and inspiring touch to your style. With its small medal (6.5 mm) to customize, engrave the discreet and enticing sign that makes your being palpate, and wear it on a daily basis!
An original and sincere jewel
Thanks to its customizable medal, this little designer jewel appeals to your tastes and imagination to see the light of day. Choose from several astrological symbols, numbers, letters or signs, the one that will get your favors and thus take part in the process of creating a unique work !

How to customize your medal ?

1. In the field " Picture , "select" CUSTOMISE » ;
2. Write down your letters or numbers (maximum 2) in the menu "
LETTER "and indicate the policy of your choice ;
3. You can also choose a zodiacal sign or symbol by clicking "
Colourful Add "(think of placing the image on the medallion and giving it the appropriate dimension).
4. Finally, indicate the desired ring size in the space "

La Môme Bijou thinks of you

With its delicate style and warm and golden color, this little wonder is perfect to highlight your pretty hands. Made in France, 100% handmade, the 18 CARATS GOLD ring with customizable medal is delivered to your home in just 3 days ! Will you let yourself be tempted? ?

Medal size: 6.5mm
Complete your look with a necklace or bracelet from our gold 18 carat collection.
all our jewellery are 100% waterproof and handmade in Paris by La Môme Bijou
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