18-carat gold ring with a customizable medal

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€210,00 EUR

18 CARAT GOLD ring with medal: shine to the tips of fingers

1. In the “Image” field, select “PERSONALIZE;
2. Write down your letters or numbers (2 maximum) in the “
LETTER” menu, and indicate the font of your choice;
3. You can also choose a sign zodiacal or a symbol by clicking on “
Add Image” (remember to place the image on the medallion and give it the appropriate size).
4. Finally, indicate the desired ring size in the “
COMMENT” space.

See our ring size table by clicking here.

La Môme Bijou is thinking of you

With its delicate style and warm, golden color, this little wonder is ideal for highlighting your pretty hands. Made in France, 100% handmade, the 18 CARAT GOLD ring with customizable medal is delivered in its pretty jewelry box to your home in just 3 days! Will you let yourself be tempted?
Medal size: 7mm
Complete your look with a necklace or bracelet from our 18-carat gold collection.
All our jewelry is handmade in Paris by La Môme Bijou
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