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Customizable bracelet with 2 silver medals 925


How to personalize your bracelet:

1/Choose the color of your bracelet.
2/You may choose to burn a word, letter, symbol or sign of the zodiac on each medal: 
Type your letter or word (8 characters max.) in the RIGHT and LEFT fieldsAnd cHoist your font.
Advice: "niteclub" is very good if you only grumb one or two letters.
3/Choose a symbol or sign of the zodiac using "add an image". 
(You must place your symbol or zodiac sign on the medal of your choice) See examples below
4/Enjoy your personalized bracelet!

Silver Medals 925: 11mm x 7mm
Adjustable Bracelet

This bracelet also exists with medals in Gold plated And Pink gold plated.

Delivered to you in less than 5 days.

All our bracelets are 100 % waterproof and Handmade in Paris by The Bijou Dome

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Les perles et les médailles doivent être nettoyées avec un linge doux.
Tenez-les à l'écart des produits corrosifs : détergents, acétone, parfum...

Les cordons sont en polyester et ne s'effilochent pas.
Pour garder les couleurs aussi éclatantes que neuves, lavez-les avec un savon doux.

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