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In partnership with RADIO FG, La Môme Bijou is mobilizing for the DJs of France!

For the purchase of this bracelet, a donation of 10.00 euros will be made to the support fund for DJs:

So if you like to fidget on dance floors, support the DJs and treat yourself to this silver or gold-plated bracelet!

Choose your model: CASSETTE or VYNIL, choose your metal: Silver 925 or gold-plated 3 microns and indicate your wrist size.
Cassette model: 1.2 x 1.9 cm
Vinyl model: 2.2 cm

Delivered to your home in less than 5 days, twe our bracelets are 100% waterproof and handmade in Paris by La Môme Bijou

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Music needs DJs and DJs need you!

Thanks to this cassette or vinyl bracelet, we will give 10.00 euros to the FG FOR DJ's foundation to help all the most precarious French DJs who can no longer work since March 10, 2020 and whose activity will probably be zero until the end of the year (closing of discos, cancellations of events...)

Les perles et les médailles doivent être nettoyées avec un linge doux.
Tenez-les à l'écart des produits corrosifs : détergents, acétone, parfum...

Les cordons sont en polyester et ne s'effilochent pas.
Pour garder les couleurs aussi éclatantes que neuves, lavez-les avec un savon doux.

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